I absolutely loathe paying for car insurance. Unfortunately, it is something that every driver must have. Even if you don't care about your safety or the safety of others, the law still requires that you must have car insurance in order to drive. I also hate insurance salesman. I always feel like they're trying to get me to purchase the most expensive policy, which I'm certain they are. That is why I use progressiveinsurancecompany for my auto insurance.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on auto insurance. I felt like I could barely afford it. Then I discovered progressiveinsurancecompany. Progressive in makes it so easy to purchase and pay for car insurance. You can do everything directly from their website. You never even have to speak to a sales person. In fact, you never have to speak to anyone from the company. You can literally do it all online.

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Every six-months I go to the progressiveinsurancecompany website, enter in my personal information, and create my own custom insurance policy. Now I only pay $100 a month for car insurance. Every month Progressive automatically deducts my monthly payment, so I never have to worry about paying on time as long as I have money in my checking account. progressiveinsurancecompany will also allow you to pay for multiple months in advance at a discounted rate. For example, if I paid for all six-months of my policy at once, instead of paying $100 per month, it would only cost $549.

progressiveinsurancecompany will insure just about anyone, too. A few of years ago I was dropped from State Farm insurance because I was in a couple car accidents (isn't that why I pay for car insurance?!). Well, I had a lot of trouble trying to find a new insurance company. Most companies wouldn't insure me because I was dropped from my previous company. When I went to the progressiveinsurancecompany website, I didn't have any problems. I did have to pay a slightly higher rate for my first six-months, but after that my rate went back down. One time I was even dropped from progressiveinsurancecompany because I missed a payment (I wasn't using direct deposit then), but I just went back to the website and signed up again.

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