Chrysler insurance

The company was founded by Walter P. Chrysler on June 6, 1925 and as such there are a host of Chrysler insurance options on the market for every model: 300, Cirrus, Concored, Conquest, Cordoba, Crossfire, E Class, Executive, Intrepid, Executive, LHS, Labaron, Neon, PT Cruiser, Pacifica, Prowler, Sebring

Now you can do that in a matter of minutes by filling out the form below and comparing rates on Chrysler insurance from more than 50 providers.

To save money on Chrysler insurance, think about the steps you can take to secure your vehicle. For example, park your Chrysler in a garage overnight, or fit an alarm system.

Remember to be honest with your insurer as any inaccuracies could prove costly in the event of a claim.

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To reduce the premium on your Chrysler insurance remember that any modifications or efforts to customise your vehicle will count against you. For example, even carrying a satellite navigation system is likely to bump the quote you receive.

Requesting a higher excess will also help you secure cheap Chrysler insurance. However, remember to be honest with the car insurance company about your circumstances at all times for example, if you fail to declare any modifications to the vehicle or enter an incorrect address or postcode, it could prove costly in the event of a claim.

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