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Scion is a marque of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corporation founded in 2003. Scion's long-term goal is to appeal to Generation Y consumers. Scion grew from Toyota Project Genesis, a failed effort to bring younger buyers to the Toyota marque ino Scion was first introduced in March 2002, at the New York Auto Show and as such there are a host of Scion insurance options on the market for every model:

Now you can save time and money on finding the cheapest Scion insurance premiums around. Simply fill in the form below with details about yourself and the model of Scion you drive and get searching for Scion car insurance quotes from more than 50 providers.

You can also make your Scion insurance premiums cheaper by fitting an immobiliser, parking your Scion in a garage overnight or completing the Pass Plus training programme.

To cut costs even further, make sure you inform your insurer of all the measures you take to protect your Scion such as parking it in a garage overnight, using a steering wheel lock or fitting a car alarm.

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For further savings on your Scion insurance don

A higher excess and several years of no-claims will also assist you towards cheap Scion insurance.

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