Unitedamericaninsurancecompany opened its doors in 1947 to provide life, health, and accident coverage to individuals in Texas, Unitedamericaninsurance continues to grow with a wide array of insurance products and services. With many Members, Unitedamericaninsurancecompany excels in Customer Satisfaction ratings and offers highly competitive rates that make it a leader in the industry.

Through the years we have developed an industry reputation for quality written products and financial stability, as demonstrated by the top ratings Unitedamericaninsurance has been awarded. We continue to expand our product selection to meet the needs of the uninsured and underinsured, and actively promote our supplemental products in the workplace as an affordable alternative to those who cannot afford major medical insurance In 1982, Torchmark acquired Unitedamericaninsurancecompany . It had been formed after World War II by Casey Dunlap in Texas. After the 1966 Medicare law was passed, Unitedamericaninsurance had begun to focus on senior citizens with its Medicare supplement policy. Earnings for 1982 came in at over US$70 million. In 1981, Torchmark had incorporated Globe International Life Insurance Company in New York. On December 10, 1984, that subsidiary became licensed and began operating in that state. On October 1, 1985, it changed names to become First United American Life Insurance Company United American insurance quickly grew and began selling insurance in other states in the US. Complete one simple online insurance form at Unitedamericaninsurancecompany and your search is over; you will get multiple Real Time affordable insurance proposal's. Major insurance companies we provide quotes for include State Farm, AIG, Geico, Allstate, Progressive, Mercury and many others.

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Unitedamericaninsurance today serves in 49 states in the US . United American provides discount rates on health (emphasis on Seniors) insurance to members.

Unitedamericaninsurancecompany offers free - no obligation quotes that just take a few minutes. Compare rates today and save. United American Insurance offers fast free quotes online. Get a free quote today and compare Unitedamericaninsurance rates. It only takes about 5 minutes and the average savings are over 40%.

We provides free insurance quotes comparison services and free online content to consumers nationwide. We have a relationship with local insurance agents. Consumers complete one simple and secure online application, then Insurancelower matches their application with the right agents, and within minutes the consumer receives multiple insurance quotes directly from those competing companies.

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