landmark insurance Company was established in 1964 to provide insurance in the final expense life market , Company continues to grow with a wide array of insurance products and services. With many Members, landmark insurance excels in Customer Satisfaction ratings and offers highly competitive rates that make it a leader in the industry.  has now created 54 identifiable units of business into  landmark insurance Life corporate structure. An intensive commitment to sales has contributed to Landmarks insurance growth had a progressive vision and now landmark insurance now stands as one of America s fastest growing and strongest life insurance companies is poised for future growth and will continue offering the highest quality insurance products. Compare landmark insurance quotes with other providers Now! Major insurance companies we provide quotes for include State Farm, AIG, Geico, Allstate, Progressive, Mercury and many others.

 Get free Life Quotes Now is represented in virtually every state of the country and offers Auto, Health, Dental, Home and sensible ordinary life products insurance with very competitive rates and premiums that are guaranteed to remain level for years to come.

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We are your online resource for all insurance information and also provide competitive insurance quotes from Americas leading companies. We connect consumers with multiple providers via a proprietary online technology platform. Customers receive price quotes for the various insurance products they choose and are contacted by outside insurance agents and/or companies to continue the purchasing process.

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